Thursday, June 11, 2009

More fun stuff...

As our days of being child-less wind down, we've been trying to get out of the house as much as possible. Nothing too strenuous - just spending time outdoors, with friends and generally relaxing about town.

First, a profile shot - this kid better be getting ready to come out...

at a Giants/Cardinals game with our friends the Gottliebs

Jen and Kate show their game faces

Finishing a Friday workday on the back porch

A quick trip to Ocean Beach

Then we spent a lazy Sunday afternoon in Dolores Park, where the people-watching is as good as it gets

So much to see here - the ladies next to us with a wolf mask??? The leather vest, cowboy hat w/feather and short-shorts guy...

Just down the hill, people were trying break boards judo-style

Grown man in a suit, with no children around, flying a kite

A mood-alteration salesman in the foreground - A man wearing bear-ear hat in the background

And lastly - we just wanted to post a pic of one of our friendly visitors last weekend - a giant raccoon on our back deck - he and his friends were just stopping by to check out all the herbs and lettuce we had planted earlier in the day

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