Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last day in the Hospital, then home!

Our friends Nikki, Dave and Jen stopped by to meet Walt...

...and so did Heather and Blair - Thanks so much for coming guys!

Our celebration dinner on the last night in the hospital

Flying the Cubs 'W' flag in our hospital room

A quick rock to sleep on our last morning at the hospital

Packing up our things and Walt in his new San Francisco cap (click to enlarge)

Bye room 457!

The view from our hospital floor (our neighborhood is straight ahead, up the hill)

Time to head home

First family photo

All loaded up, about to take the slowest drive home in history

We're home!

Taking a quick nap in the big bed

It has been a long couple of days - but we wouldn't trade them for the world


The Patterson Family said...

Very nice picture of PBTC2 sleeping with PB. Peeeeeee Beeeeeeeeeeeee

Megan said...

Happy first father's day, Mike! Walt is so cute and tiny - congrats!