Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tank Hill

Last Sunday we walked up to Tank Hill, which is just down the street from our new place.

And here are a couple pics I took yesterday morning, from our back deck

Monday, September 22, 2008

Football Fun and the Elusive Shower

So, per Mike's earlier video, we are settled into our new apartment and loving it. We are not all adjusting well to our urban hike of a new commute, but that's the subject of another entry.

Our new place is just so cozy and we are so very happy to be in a place where we can entertain more comfortably. We started small--an impromptu Aggie-watching party. (I think most people came by to see our new place, not the Aggies, but I'm not telling Mike that.) Our thanks to Blair for providing the delicious burgers.

Also...on the whole, Mike's video of our new digs (posted a couple weeks ago) was enthusiastically received. Certain family members, however, were concerned. Where was the shower? Apparently in our excitement to share our new home with friends and family (albeit virtually), we neglected to give the shower the attention it most certainly deserves.

So, ladies and gentlemen, may I all its shiny, porcelain-tiled glory--THE SHOWER!

(My parents just breathed a sigh of relief.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I was in London last week for work, finishing up my first website since becoming an Interactive Producer. We were pretty busy most of the time, but I had a couple opportunities to get out in the city and do some sightseeing. It was fun, but I definitely want to go back and see more...

London Bridge tube stop

Cool building in the financial district

Tower Bridge

Millennium Bridge

Mural on the wall of the Tate Gallery

Mural on the wall of the Tate Gallery

Outside the Tate Gallery

Thames River

under the London Eye

London Eye from across the Thames

Parliament and Big Ben

Royal Mounted Guard

Trafalgar Square

The car I'd drive if I lived there

Trafalgar Square

Notting Hill Borough

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus

By the way, the site I was working on is now live - - check it out!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Trip, Pt. 5 - Last night in Dublin

After the wedding, we drove back across southern Ireland to Dublin, where we had one last night before flying home the next day. We spent the afternoon/evening exploring the south side of the city - opposite of where we were when we first got there.

O'Donoghue's - a pub opened in 1789

Seafood chowder and Guinness

We shared a table with two locals who were working on their golf swing

Merrion Row

Looking for one last dinner

Walked home in the rain after dinner. We were tired and ready to go home!

We had an amazing trip. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. Sláinte!