Tuesday, August 18, 2009

30th Birthday

Better late than never...below are some pics from my wild and crazy 30th birthday last month. Despite how busy we've been with Walt, Mike still managed to make it special.

The day started like any other...

Then the three of us headed over to Dolores Park for a little picnic lunch.

Walt brought a gift, which was sweet.

Others in the park celebrated the day by putting on a tight-rope demonstration.

After we returned, Walt chilled in his crib while Mike made a delicious dinner...

...the highlight was tasty, tasty ribs.

We ate every. last. one.

The following weekend, in case I'd forgotten about turning thirty, Mike reminded me by having our friends over to celebrate.

Mike had fun decorating with Kate-heads...sweet but creepy.

One difference between this birthday celebration and prior parties...our party boasted FIVE babies! (And three pregnant ladies.) In addition to Walt, John and Heather brought Leo and Neal and Alex and Viki brought Rogan.

Also, our new friends Eric and Kyla were there with their daughter, Hannah. Hannah and Walt will be sharing a nanny when Kyla and I go back to work next month.

All in all, a great send off to my 20s...can't wait to see what the 30s have in store!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Walt and friends

Trying to look tough while being changed

Good friends Ryan and Maggie were in SF for a day, and they stopped by to meet the little guy

Hanging out with Mags

Having a serious discussion with his new friends

Tour guiding with Ryan, up at Twin Peaks

Hanging out with Mom in the kitchen...

...and with Dad on a beautiful day on the back deck

View from the deck

Looking wide awake after a bath

In his crib, testing out the new iphone camera

Showing off his cool new outfit from Mom

Spending a sunny Sunday in Mill Valley...

...with our good friend Robin Williams

We stopped by our friends Jason and Marsha's house to meet their new daughter Milan. Congrats guys!

Walt and Milan having a little cry

That's all for now - talk to you soon!