Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer fun

What follows is a fairly random collection of photos from our summer outings and activities. Because it is summer (aka winter, in San Francisco) most of these shots include sweatshirts, scarves and fog.

One of our favorite things about our new apartment is the little playground across the street in Golden Gate Park. It is one of many playgrounds in the park, and it is not the biggest or the snazziest and is home to stealthy squirrels that steal snacks out of unattended strollers, but it's perfect for Walt and we love it. Now that he's walking, there's so much he can do!

We also like this park in Pacific Heights (decidedly snazzier):

Also across the street in the park, about a ten minute walk away, is the SF Conservatory. We recently got a family membership and walked over on Sunday to check it out. The balmy humidity inside is the perfect antidote to the chill and fog, and for someone who briefly entertained the idea of majoring in botany (me) it's a pretty fun place to hang out.

Walt's favorite part was running around in the gardens outside, which technically we don't need a membership to do, but he had a ball.

For my birthday last month, we took a day trip to Santa Cruz and spent the day exploring berry farms and vineyards. It was so nice to leave the fog behind for a few hours, and Walt took two excellent naps in the car!

Also, we are now about month into our new nanny-share arrangement with a family in our neighborhood. So exciting...Walt gets a new buddy and I get to work from home in peace! Walt and Aiden have quickly become the best of friends and Heather-the-nanny is readjusting to the art of double-baby-wrangling.

Tired, happy boys on a recent trip to the zoo:

Wishing a happy summer to our friends and family in warmer climes--stay cool!