Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recent Fun

We've been as busy as ever the last couple weeks - Kate went back to work, Walt is hanging with his new nanny and I've been slammed launching my latest project for work - Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl". But we've had a little time for some fun, so we wanted to share some of it.

Walt wakes up each morning declaring victory.

We took Walt to a rooftop bbq at our friends Nikki and Todd's in Russian Hill. He slept through the sunset views. (Walt is in the Moby, under Kate's sweater.)

He loves bath time, but he's still adjusting to the drying phase.

The end of summer brings some pretty spectacular fogs in SF - here's a couple of recent shots from the back porch and down the street from our place.

I had to go down to LA for a couple days for work and I got to spend an evening with an old friend from Chicago - Robbie. You may remember him from the dance floor at our wedding...

Back in SF, Kate's good friend Lauren Wambold paid us a visit and met Walt.

And last Sunday we took Walt to his very first Cubs game - clearly an event more important to his father, as he slept through 7 innings...

No Old Styles were had - but it was fun none the less.

Cubbies lost, but that just made it more of a rite of passage I guess. Oh well, there's always next year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The many faces of Walt

It has been a hectic couple of weeks between work, traveling and having family in town. We've been terrible lately at keeping up with this thing. Walt is doing amazing and becoming more alert and expressive everyday. Here's a few pics I took the other morning when were playing around. We promise to post more soon...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy, busy!

Well, we have had a busy few weeks...

First, Mike had to go to Indiana for work for five LONG days. Walt and I survived, but just barely. Luckily, we had lots to do as we were in the process of interviewing nannies plus several friends stopped by to give me a hand (thanks especially to Kim and Heather). Every day I would inundate Mike's phone with update pictures like these:

After Mike returned, Walt and I left the next day for a week in Decatur with my parents. Originally, this trip had been planned to coincide with Mike's work trip (which would have been great!) but instead we had just one day with Mike before leaving. Walt, by the way, was a champion flyer--he slept the entire flight both times! Speaking of sleeping, he slept like a log in Decatur...I think it was hearing all the crickets outside.

Being in Decatur was great...my parents were a big help and I got lots of time to myself, which, after being on my own with Walt for a week was GREAT. My parents had borrowed all the baby gear we could need from their neighbors, which was handy; however, they have a little girl so it was all pink! Walt enjoyed it anyway.

He also enjoyed ceiling fans, which I don't think he'd ever seen before...here's a picture of him totally mesmerized.

We had LOTS of visitors...

My friend Laura came by with her baby, Luke

Uncle Chuck came over from Indianapolis

My grandad got to meet Walt and we got this great four-generation picture. Uncle Gary, Denise and Cindy all came by that night as well.

On Friday we went to...CHICAGO! I was so excited, I hadn't been back in a year and a half and, of course, Walt had never been. I think he enjoyed it; I know I did. We were able to visit my good friends the Butlers then Mom, Dad, and I enjoyed the terrific pizza at Piece, just like old times.

The only parking spot we could find in Bucktown was in front of my beloved old apartment on Honore, it was so great to see it!

Then I met up with my college friends Anna and Sarah, who I hadn't seen for years...it was great to catch up. On our way home that night we stopped at Steak and Shake--the perfect end to a great day.

Walt was so tired that he fell asleep in the bath that night.

Throughout the weekend we had more visitors--my cousin Kristi and her daughter, Mae and my dear friend Kristy and her daughter, Evie (below).

We were even able to sneak in a long walk and a game of frisbee.

The day before we came home, we went down to Collinsville to stay with my grandparents. Grandma was so excited to meet Walt!

And so was my cousin, Logan.

After we returned to SF, Mike's sister Lisa and her boyfriend came to stay with us this past weekend. Walt just loves his Aunt Lisa!

In honor of Lisa's birthday I baked a cake

We went up to Sonoma for a little wine-tasting. I got this great picture of Mike and mini-Mike in the Sonoma town square.

Can you believe this little guy is 12 weeks old? I sure can't! We spent Labor Day in the park with friends...here's Walt rolling around under a make-shift tent Mike built.