Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recent Fun

We've been as busy as ever the last couple weeks - Kate went back to work, Walt is hanging with his new nanny and I've been slammed launching my latest project for work - Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl". But we've had a little time for some fun, so we wanted to share some of it.

Walt wakes up each morning declaring victory.

We took Walt to a rooftop bbq at our friends Nikki and Todd's in Russian Hill. He slept through the sunset views. (Walt is in the Moby, under Kate's sweater.)

He loves bath time, but he's still adjusting to the drying phase.

The end of summer brings some pretty spectacular fogs in SF - here's a couple of recent shots from the back porch and down the street from our place.

I had to go down to LA for a couple days for work and I got to spend an evening with an old friend from Chicago - Robbie. You may remember him from the dance floor at our wedding...

Back in SF, Kate's good friend Lauren Wambold paid us a visit and met Walt.

And last Sunday we took Walt to his very first Cubs game - clearly an event more important to his father, as he slept through 7 innings...

No Old Styles were had - but it was fun none the less.

Cubbies lost, but that just made it more of a rite of passage I guess. Oh well, there's always next year.

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