Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2.0 Update

Am admittedly late in posting pictures from BabyBoyDavidson 2.0's ultrasound back in February, but here they are.

After agonizing about whether or not to find out the sex this time (we decided to) I then began worrying that after all that agonizing, he/she wouldn't be positioned to get a good view. No need to worry, though.

That's a boy.

And a CUTE little boy...I mean, look at this face!

Oops, not this one. Yikes.

So now we just need to decide on a name (ugh, boys' names are HARD), find and evaluate our collection of newborn clothes, pick up a few essentials and we are all set. No worries, 2.0, we will be READY! But take your time, please.

See below for a quick summary of the details.

Baby is due 7/1. This means there is a slight chance that his birthday will be the Fourth of July, which I bet would be pretty awesome--he will always have fireworks on his birthday and never have to work. Even a 7/3 birthday would be pretty cool, he'd always have the day after his birthday off to recover. I am 27 weeks pregnant and not too terribly massive yet. Yet--enjoying it now because I know what is coming. Just like #1, this pregnancy has been easy, uneventful and enjoyable.

Walt is doing great--talking up a storm, and we can actually understand about 25% of it! We switched him to a small family daycare in our neighborhood at the beginning of the year--Heather-the-nanny was pregnant and due in February, and the other family in our share was moving--so we decided to give it a try. He loves being around other kids and really seems to be thriving. It's a bilingual program, which is cool, and who knows...maybe some of that 75% we can't understand is actually Mandarin! He still loves to read, and lately is very into arranging his plastic farm animals in various patterns all over the house. He's becoming quite helpful, too--he will put his dirty clothes in the hamper, take off his shoes/socks and bring something to Mama/Dada when asked--not a bad start!