Sunday, June 29, 2008

last weekend

We went to our first beach bonfire last Friday at Ocean Beach

My first 'stack'


Surprise fireworks

Kate and the girls

Cooking marshmallows

one of three ain't bad

and Saturday we went to see a show with our friends Blair and Heather

Oxford Collapse from Brooklyn

Frightened Rabbit from Scotland

Maybe we'll meet them later this summer

The weekend ended with a cool sunset on Sunday. Good times...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Keith and Kara in Cancun

We were in Cancun last weekend for our good friends Keith and
Kara's wedding.

the view from our hotel room balcony - the Riu Cancun

Dale and Katie May

the rehearsal dinner with Dale, Katie, Scott, Ashley and Robbie

the bride and groom

why is this kid so shifty???

Kate likes wedding speeches...

a night on the town before the big day (apparently my shirt buttons don't work south of the border)

that will wash off easily

singing, maybe?

pool football

heading out to jet ski

may or may not be me jet skiing

the ceremony

with Keith and Robbie

double-fisting at a wedding - only in Cancun

the stars of the show

at the reception

with Merhdad and Joe

with the groom

all smiles

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dancing in Decatur!

So, I was in Decatur all last week (okay, so it's two weeks ago now)--believe it or not, for my dance recital. Every ten years, my old studio invites all the alumni back to perform a dance in the recital. This is a pretty big deal--we even made the Herald & Review--check this out. Talk about fun. It was awesome to see everyone and even more fun to be caking on stage makeup, practicing moves I hadn't even thought about in years, and performing on stage! It was not so awesome seeing all the "little girls" from when I was in high school...they're in college, some are's not often that I feel old, but that sure did it.

I flew into St. Louis and went straight to the home of my dearest dancing buddy and best high school pal, Kristy, to meet her adorable new baby, Evie. So sweet! (Excuse my blank stare, but this was the best one of her cute little face).

Luckily I made it home just in time for torrential rains, tornado warnings and lots of thunderstorms (which I really miss--it doesn't thunder in SF). Lake Decatur was overflowing, so I guess these ducks decided they'd rather hang out in our storm-ravaged pool.

Now, on to the main event.

Dress rehearsal on Thursday:

Mike came into town for the first two shows. Bless his heart, he ignored the theater rules and captured some great video of Saturday's performance! Splicing together my mom's video of the first part of the dance from dress rehearsal and Mike's footage of the last part from Saturday's performance we've pretty much got the whole thing! Considering that most of us learned this off of video segments on YouTube and only put it together the night before the first show, I think we did pretty well.

My poster from the theater lobby:

Me, Leah, Kristy (and Evie!), Lisa and LeeAnne

Everyone (or most, at least) at the reception following Saturday's performance.

Post-performance margaritas:

In addition to recital festivities, I fit in lots of family time. Unfortunately, the most fun pictures would have come from our gathering with my Uncle Gary and Aunt Denise's family...but in my excitement to hang out with my cousins, their many children and the two new babies I sort of forgot that I had the camera. Some family moments that I did capture...

With Grandma Goad

With Grandma Will

Grandpa trying to figure out his camera

Uncle Matt with Logan

All in all, a super-fun trip and I'm already practicing my moves for the 30-year reunion...

(We just returned from friends Keith and Kara's wedding in Mexico--check back soon for Cancun pics!)