Friday, May 29, 2009

38 weeks: Dear Baby...

Hi, Baby...I'm Kate...your mom. I'm also sort of your current landlord. We haven't formally met, but hopefully we'll rectify that in the very near future.

About that...could you please give some indication that you intend to join us soon? Yesterday, despite our high hopes, Dr. Kahn told us that you haven't really done much since last week's check-up. She also said that by next week's appointment, she expects to see some progress. Sorry, I know that's a lot of pressure, but I thought you'd like to know, in case you want to do anything about it.

If it helps, we can't wait to love you, snuggle you, and take care of your every need! So please come soon!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recent fun stuff

We've been a little busy lately and have gotten behind in posting pictures of our adventures. Sorry. Here's a look at some of what we've been up to the last couple weeks.

At the Giants game on a cloudy Saturday. Thanks to my parents for the b-day present.

An afternoon in Golden Gate Park throwing washers.

Then over the bridge for dinner at the Pelican Inn , one of our favorites

Coming back into the fog after dinner

Exploring Potrero Hill last Friday

At Chez Papa, very appropriate

Last Saturday we went to my friend Carey's b-day party at Lucky 13

With friends from GSP

Someone's ready to go home

On Sunday we went up to Calistoga for a quick holiday weekend getaway

Not sure what I am supposed to keep out of...

Kate conquering the labyrinth

A sunny lunch

Soaking in the mineral pools

Heading into town for dinner

An ice cream cone before heading home to bed

Took the long way home on Monday and stopped for a picnic lunch in wine country

Monday, May 18, 2009

37 Weeks: Head down!

Per our dr's appointment today Baby Davidson is head down and starting to think about moving lower! I'm not sure how exactly Dr. Kahn can tell what the baby is thinking, but this sounds promising.

Another hot weekend is making me think that maybe I don't miss the midwest summers as much as I thought I did. Two days of 80+ degrees and my ankles are swollen beyond belief...I was so happy to see the fog rolling in this morning! During pregnancy, at least, I have no complaints about nearly consistent 60 degree weather.

It is amazing to me that the baby is not even here and already it is generating more laundry than I can handle. Seems like every time I turn around its hamper is full of yet more new things that need to be washed. I have a feeling this is only the beginning...

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Nursery

We made some serious progress this past weekend. Just a few final touches left to be made. Check it out:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

34 weeks: "A watched baby never bounces..."

Only six weeks to go! (Or, around six weeks to go, knowing that these things are never exact.) Can't believe how fast these last weeks are flying by. We're starting to get so excited to meet our little one...and we're also consciously savoring every minute of sleep, knowing that soon they will be few and far between.

Our progrgress to date:

Nursery walls are done! (We need to take and post some pics.) Mike scored an awesome dresser on Craigslist, which we'll be painting next weekend. I can't wait till it's ready and we can begin washing and putting away Baby's little unisex wardrobe! We've also got a rug and a rocking chair. Mike and my dad put up curtain rods last weekend and I ordered curtains today. I am most anxious to find a bookcase for the baby's already extensive library--I'll admit, I've been going crazy buying books since I found out I was pregnant.

We had our five-hour newborn parenting class today--it was so much fun. The instructor was great, the class was informative and interesting, and it turns out Mike has some serious swaddling skills...he was churning out baby burritos like nobody's business! We learned a lot and are fairly confident that we will not break the baby, which is our primary goal.

Also this weekend, we received a very generous gift from my co-workers--for those of you who check the blog...thank you so much!

I am still feeling great for the most part, but can't deny that the third trimester has been significantly more uncomfortable than the previous two. A few days ago I came across the following quote regarding this stage of pregnancy, "with the growing weight of the body you can expect difficulties in breathing, sleeping, walking, and sitting"...not exactly encouraging, but an undeniably accurate description.

One irritating thing...the baby moves like crazy all hours of the day, but stubbornly refused any time my mom tried to feel...for the entire four days that she was here! I told Mike, it's like that saying, "a watched pot never boils"...which he promptly altered to "a watched baby never bounces" apt description of this frustrating phenomenon, which also occurs just about any time a friend or co-worker wants to feel a kick.