Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Davidson meet Walt!

My parents, Roger and Nancy, came to see us just a little over a week ago. We were thrilled to have them here to spend time with Walt and we also had some fun out and about the Bay Area.

Meeting Walt

Sightseeing on Tank Hill, in our neighborhood

More relaxing with the Grandparents

Just one of our great dinner (Thanks to Mom for all the help in the kitchen!).

Opening Walt's Social Security card. He's official.

Grandpa teaching Walt how to complain about the Cubs.

My Dad and I snuck out for a Giants game for his birthday.

Great weather, not so great game.

Relaxing on the back deck.

More help in the kitchen.

After all the hard work, we rewarded them with a little wine tasting in Sonoma.

Walt and Grandpa have the same fashion sense.

At Ft. Point, at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Unsuccessful attempt at firing a cannon.

Then we stopped off in Japantown for some lunch and couldn't resist this photo op...

Then a swing by the Painted Ladies to round off the sightseeing adventure.

And on the last night of their visit, Grandma and Grandpa babysat Walt for a couple hours so Kate and I could go out to dinner. We had a great time and were really thankful for the opportunity.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 3

We've been so busy with the Davidsons' visit that we've been a bit delinquent in posting pictures. Here are a few from Walt's third week--we tried to get him out of the house a bit more...we went shopping in Corte Madera one day and wine-tasting in Sonoma the next with mixed success. He did great strolling around the mall and sleeping so we could enjoy a nice lunch. The next day we had to leave two of the four wineries we visited because he started crying uncontrollably, but it could have been worse, right?

Walt checking out the view from his crib

Lunch in Corte Madera

Getting ready to leave for Sonoma...

Walt is not sure this trip is a good idea

Mobile changing station

A quick picnic lunch in between crying fits

Relaxing at home

No caption needed for this one...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week 2

So, we survived another week! We enjoyed having my parents here and can't wait for the Davidsons to arrive on Sunday.

Mike was able to take four weeks off to be at home with Walt and me, which has been great...I am already dreading when he has to go back. It has been so much fun getting to know Walt together...and between the two of us we're just managing to take care of all his needs!

Testing out the baby gym

Walt loves being swaddled, as long as we're sure to leave his hands free (which sort of defeats the purpose, I know)

Chilling in the papasan chair (thanks, Blackwelders!)

Getting ready for his first trip to see the pediatrician. (During his 15-minute appointment, Walt managed to pee on the nurse and the doctor, as well as the scale and most of the floor.)

Relaxing with Grand-dad

Our little family

Showing off his new Cubs shirt--a present from Grandpa Davidson

Our friends Russ and Nikki showed up on our doorstep with the fixings for an amazing brunch last Saturday. We had sausage, eggs and fruit...and homemade waffles with strawberry-rhubarb compote and marscapone--YUM! The weather (and Walt) cooperated and we were able to have a leisurely meal on the back deck.

Now that we're feeling up to it, we've started taking Walt on some mini-excursions just to get used to leaving the house with him. The first--a quick trip to the Marina last Saturday to run a few errands. Success--Walt slept snug in the Moby the entire time!

Sleeping in on Sunday morning

Outing #2--a stroll in St. Francis Wood on Monday