Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 3

We've been so busy with the Davidsons' visit that we've been a bit delinquent in posting pictures. Here are a few from Walt's third week--we tried to get him out of the house a bit more...we went shopping in Corte Madera one day and wine-tasting in Sonoma the next with mixed success. He did great strolling around the mall and sleeping so we could enjoy a nice lunch. The next day we had to leave two of the four wineries we visited because he started crying uncontrollably, but it could have been worse, right?

Walt checking out the view from his crib

Lunch in Corte Madera

Getting ready to leave for Sonoma...

Walt is not sure this trip is a good idea

Mobile changing station

A quick picnic lunch in between crying fits

Relaxing at home

No caption needed for this one...

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