Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Trip, Pt. 5 - Last night in Dublin

After the wedding, we drove back across southern Ireland to Dublin, where we had one last night before flying home the next day. We spent the afternoon/evening exploring the south side of the city - opposite of where we were when we first got there.

O'Donoghue's - a pub opened in 1789

Seafood chowder and Guinness

We shared a table with two locals who were working on their golf swing

Merrion Row

Looking for one last dinner

Walked home in the rain after dinner. We were tired and ready to go home!

We had an amazing trip. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. Sláinte!

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wambold said...

love the pic of Kate looking for the restaurant with the map...it is a vision i have experienced numerous times as she makes me walk all over the world in search of the perfect sausage or toast skagen or mug of bacon fat...not even kidding.