Monday, June 15, 2009

Due date + 1: And so it begins...

Well, we're preparing to head to the hospital. Baby Davidson aced this morning's non-stress test, showing off some of his/her best moves all the while maintaining a perfect heart rate, but unfortunately the amniotic fluid is pretty low and after consulting with our doctor, we agree that it's best to get to the show on the road. The baby and I are not in danger, Dr. Kahn would just prefer to do this before I lose much more fluid. Not the way we had planned things to go, but it's for the best and if all goes well, we'll have our baby by tomorrow night! Wow.

So the plan is to check in to the hospital this evening and start the induction process. By tomorrow afternoon Dr. Kahn thinks I could be in active labor and having this baby by tomorrow night. Wow.

So that's all for now...check back for updates and thanks so much for all the support and good wishes over the past several months, we're incredibly lucky to have such amazing family and friends both near and far.


Kristy said...

That's awesome Kate! Hopefully you can get some good rest tonight! I'll check back tomorrow! :-)

Turnip said...

Congratulations - and welcome Walter Lee!! I can't wait to see pictures! You mom was on cloud nine last night when she called me. Glad to hear all went well and you are now a family of 3! Barb