Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Assorted pictures of weekend fun

Below are some pictures from the last two weekends. We have had some beautiful weather...and some fun times with good friends!

Recently, on Friday nights, Mike has been making fun dinners for us...I get to relax on the couch until these dinners magically appear--it's great! Here are some pics from a recent taco night...

(As you can see, Manny now resides in the kitchen to make room for the baby. Though he/she will have to get used to him sooner or later, we figured a having a mannequin in the nursery was probably not the best idea.)

The next day, after hitting the Ferry Plaza farmer's market I stopped to relax and sample some of my purchases. It was lovely to read in the sun...and a pain au chocolat and strawberries provided the perfect snack!

Painting the nursery (Thanks to our design-obsessed friend Kim Senn, for suggesting the gray paint--it looks great, and coordinates perfectly with the Blik decals Mike found.

Last Friday night we met the crew at The Monk's Kettle for dinner...we crammed into a booth for some good old-fashioned beer (ginger beer for me), food and fellowship.

Heading to prenatal yoga Saturday morning...

Saturday afternoon we caught some rays in the newly-mown backyard.

(Our house looks crazy-big from the back)

Our friends Jen & Dave recently returned from a vacation in Mexico, where they convinced a chef to share his recipe for some authentic pork tacos. They were excited to give it a try on Sunday, and we were excited to sample their efforts. Of course, we couldn't show up empty-handed, so I made a chocolate Pavlova to show off the tasty strawberries I'd picked up at the Alemany Farmers Market.

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