Monday, April 20, 2009

32 weeks: Everything there is to know

So, officially less than two months to go!

We finished our childbirth classes last week--we officially know everything there is to know. I know I was a little harsh after our first class, but I seriously enjoyed the last two...they mainly consisted of me laying on mats and pillows while Mike practiced various massage and comfort techniques--very nice! We've just got two classes left, newborn parenting and breastfeeding, plus our hospital tour--all scheduled for early next month.

Making progress on the baby's room. Per the earlier post, we've bought and assembled a crib and I'm almost done putting up the Blik decals. Next steps are to find a few more furniture items and some curtains.

I continue to feel great and am, I think, doing a better job of getting off my feet once in a while. One issue has been the current heat wave we're having (yes, mid-80s constitutes a heat wave in San Francisco)...since the weather is always cool, my maternity wardrobe is pretty much all I've been cobbling together some very interesting outfits from the stretchy non-maternity things I can still fit into.

We have made some wonderful friends here in the last year and a half and are very excited for the co-ed shower that Nikki, Jen and Heather are throwing for us this Sunday! Will be sure to post some pictures!

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