Monday, April 6, 2009

30 weeks: Goodbye, sleep!

Everything continues to go well. I've had some lower back pain (mostly on the weekends when I'm on my feet most of the time), but nothing too bad. I'm trying to get in the habit of stopping to rest, but it's really hard. Mike would probably say the worst thing about pregnancy so far is lack of sleep...his not mine! Apparently (I cannot officially confirm these things, as I'm sleeping pretty well for the most part) I am quite the bed-hog and am constantly changing positions and crowding him out of the bed. And then there are the multiple nightly trips to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

A few baby-related updates:

Childbirth classes: We started our three-session series of childbirth classes at the hospital last week. One complaint--why, why are all the people featured in childbirth videos and pamphlets so comically unattractive and out of shape? Childbirth is kind of a scary thing to watch anyway...if the people were attractive or at least decent-looking, it would maybe make the whole experience seem a little less terrifying. Just an idea.

Baby's room: We're making progress on the baby's's freshly painted and ready for us to start experimenting the cool Blik wall decals we found. Next on the agenda...finding a crib and a dresser.

Doctor's appointments: Starting today, we begin seeing the doctor every two weeks...until 37 weeks, when we start going weekly. Fun times.

Growing: The baby is growing...the fact that it can simultaneously kick/punch my ribs and my bladder has got to be a good sign, right? Also, though I have never been the neatest eater, my ever-expanding belly is proving to be the perfect canvas for all sorts of drips and spills. It's embarrassing.

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