Friday, March 6, 2009

26 weeks: Boy or Girl?

Not much new to report. But, please take the time to cast your vote for Baby Davidson's gender using the cool polling feature Mike just added (over on the right). If it helps, Wednesday night when we were watching Lost and Amy was in labor, I said "whatever she has is what we're having"...for those of you who don't watch, it was a boy. Not the most scientific predictor, but it's something. Also, in terms of other tests, the "wedding ring over the belly" test and the Chinese numerology formula both say boy...but the baby's heart rate is on the higher side (150), which I read means that it's something like 5% more likely to be a girl. I thought it would be hard not knowing what we're having, but really I hardly even think about it. I guess it would be different if we already had a child, if we had a boy we would want a girl or vice versa, but quite honestly I don't care.

Though we still have a few months to go, my family has expanded in the last week or so...cousin Brian and wife Molly had Madeline last week, and cousin Casey's wife Amanda was induced this morning--also having a girl. It seems like we just found out they were pregnant...soon it will be our turn!

The little guy/gal continues to kick and squirm like crazy and seems to be having fun exploring his/her ever-expanding environment. I wish I could see what's going on in there! I am also enjoying the transition from "maybe just chubby" to "definitely pregnant"--I'm offered a seat on the train just about every day...and random people smile at me a lot, which is nice. We have a doctor's appointment next week, along with the glucose test for gestational diabetes.


The Patterson Family said...

I voted for a girl. My goal is to have a PBTCGWMSTTP (PB - The child, girl, who my sons take to Prom.

In other news, I LOVE the Jug Handle State Reserve picture in Mendocino.

Kristy said...

I am so glad that everything is going well with your pregnancy! I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures of your recent adventure. Can't wait to see more pictures!