Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tahoe Trip

We took our first trip up to Tahoe last weekend and rented a big house with some friends. It was a great time. I tried to snowboard, fell, tried to snowboard, fell, etc. While Kate got some much needed relaxation - cooking, reading, napping - all surrounded by snow. It couldn't have been more fun (if you don't count my bruises.)

We went up early on Friday morning so we could check out some of the area, starting with Squaw Valley - site of the 1960 Winter Olympics

Then the lake itself - the north shore of Lake Tahoe

Our house for the weekend - in Alpine Meadows

The backyard

The view from the end of the block

The view from the front porch

The livingroom

Kate exploring the ginormous kitchen

Kate and Jen working on dinner

Dinner Friday night

Complete with Kate's famous Apple Crisp dessert

Then it was on to game night

Here I am after my snowboarding lesson the next day at Alpine Meadows (hiding the pain...)

Fellow mountain-goers Russ...

...and Jen and Jon

Saturday night saw a much needed trip to the hot tub, followed by some dominoes

Then a great Sunday breakfast before we hit the road.

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