Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Trip, Pt. 3 - Edinburgh

Our train stop in Edinburgh

We set off on the Royal Mile

First stop - Edinburgh Castle

View of the city from the Castle

Posing for a picture by a cannon...apparently a little sleepy

The chapel - the original building in the castle - built around 1100 AD

Castle cemetery

Another view of the city from the castle

Making friends

We wandered through an old cemetery on the Royal Mile and found John Muir's Family - A forest conservationist who came to the San Francisco in the 1860's (Muir Woods)

The Royal Palace

Putting a call into the Queen

Getting ready for CSPAN

Views of the city from across the river

Saying hi to family and friends

A pub on Grassmarket Street

We had a great time in Scotland. Heading back to Ireland...

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