Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Davidsons' Lucky Day

So, as we have alluded to in previous posts...we have been searching for a new San Francisco home. Our current apartment is fine, but we would love more space (to maintain our sanity and also to house visitors!) and would love to be in a different neighborhood. Also, we (well me especially) really miss living in an older building. I have just been craving the well-worn hardwood floors, solid plaster walls, and quirky vintage details. Our 1992 Marina apartment is fine, but it just doesn't feel like a home.

So, last month we embarked upon a search for a new place. We absolutely fell in love with the first place we saw...a lovely Victorian flat in Ashbury Heights with a gorgeous view, a deck and yard for grilling...just brimming with lovely vintage details, but a modern kitchen. It's funny, but we just walked into that place and felt like we were home--we could totally picture ourselves there. We were so disappointed when we found out that the landlord had promised it to an acquaintance if he wanted it--which, as our poor luck would have it, he did. We couldn't believe it--we were so sad we could hardly talk about it. That was a month ago.

After that, we kept looking, but our hearts weren't really in it. We looked at many more places, even put in an application on a great Art Deco place in Pacific Heights. Another disappointment...another couple put in their application just before we did. We had been looking at another place in Noe Valley, but had our hearts set on the Pacific Heights place--when we didn't get it, we withdrew our application. We decided to wait until we return from our vacation and resume our search refreshed and renewed.

On Friday afternoon, Mike got a call. When we met for drinks after work, Mike said he had news and asked me "What's the best news I could give you?" I said, "We don't have to look for an apartment?" Turns out I was right--the first place we looked at, the Ashbury Heights Victorian--the guy who initially took the apartment backed out and it was ours if we wanted it!

Long story short, we went back this morning and signed the lease. We are so incredibly excited! This place is so perfect for us and we can't wait to move in (Labor Day weekend).

We're leaving for Ireland/Scotland in a few days (Mike's cousin Lydia is getting married in Countly Limerick and we're turning it into a vacation)...once we return, we'll have the move to look forward to!

Our new home (well, we have just part of it):

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