Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Birthday

You may think that the lack of recent postings must mean that we haven't been up to anything interesting. You would be wrong.

We've been doing lots...celebrating Walt's birthday, visiting the Davidsons in Kansas City, playing at several parks, hosting a girls-only dinner party...too many things to mention. But we'll do our best to bring the blog up to date...starting with...Walt's birthday!

Sadly, Walt has yet to reach the age where he gets excited about opening presents. (Luckily, he has reached the age where he adores playing with gifts once they're open.) For this reason, we had to spread the gift-opening over several days.

Walt attacked his first cupcake with a cool nonchalance...and ate the ENTIRE thing.

We'd like to think his favorite gift was the cool bee riding toy we got him. However, his favorite might be the Woody doll he got from Jen and Dave...he loves giving Woody rides on the bee.

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday...and now our baby's on his way to becoming a big kid!

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