Thursday, January 7, 2010

The long overdue holiday post

We spent the Christmas holidays in the glorious Midwest. The snow was falling, the air was crisp and Walt was excited to be back in the heartland. But before we left SF behind, we had a gift exchange with Heather-the-nanny who, in additon to super-thoughtful gifts for us and Walt, brought us an enormous platter of delicious homemade cookies and candies that we promptly devoured. In a preview of what was to come on Christmas Day, Walt was only interested in eating the wrapping paper. (By the way--he doesn't usually wear that weird green suit...only when all of his normal clothes are dirty, or packed.)

All things considered, Walt behaved pretty well on our flight to Kansas City...not as much sleeping as we would have liked to see, but no screaming, which was appreciated. It was so nice to get to the Davidsons' house to find that Walt had everything he needed for a comfortable stay--a comfy crib, snug little carseat, a changing table and more.

Walt loved hanging out with his grandparents and Aunt Lisa and Charlie. Here are a few highlights from our stay:

Playing with Grandma

Showing off the super-cute hat he got from Uncle Chuck

Wii-ing with the family

Christmas Eve Dinner

Playing with spoons

Our little family

Fun with Aunt Lisa

Relaxing with Grandpa

Christmas Day

Christmas day impromptu photo shoot

Almost ready for a Christmas nap

Christmas Dinner

Our California baby was a little unsure of the snow.

Chatting with the nutcrackers

A couple days later we headed to my grandparents' new house near St. Louis to celebrate with more family. Walt had no problem chewing on some more presents.

To be honest, Walt wasn't thrilled with spending so much time in the car, but he eventually settled down for a long winter's nap.

As always, Walt could be counted on to provide comic relief. Check out the movie below...he really enjoyed the Davidsons' leather couch. Classy. The only thing that could have made this funnier would be if he was wearing his whoopie cushion costume.

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Cory said...

Mike D - nice Aggie book for Walt. Good to see your bringing the kid up right!