Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New pics, new tricks

So, Walt is well into his fourth month now and more fun to hang out with every day!

He got a great report at his four-month check up and had a great time ripping up the paper on the examination table. He got the chance to perform most of his tricks (laughing, rolling, grasping) for Dr. Rostek, who was properly appreciative.

He's becoming more and more interested in his surroundings...including Manny

and the constant parade of sports on television.

In honor of Walt's four-month birthday, Mike took the day off and we headed up to Point Reyes for a hike.

Walt looking like we're crossing the Sahara:

We stopped in Tomales Bay to celebrate Walt with clam chowder and platters of oysters at the Marshall Store--delicious!

An altogether lovely day

Great fog shot from Crissy Field last weekend:

Walt's new trick:

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