Thursday, February 5, 2009


We went to Dallas last weekend for my friend Travis Hopper's wedding. While we were there we saw as many people as we could - most are in the pictures below. Somehow we managed to not get pictures with my sister Lisa, or Jack/Suzanne/Luke/Jacob. It was great to see everybody and we can't wait until you all pay us a visit out here in SF.

At dinner Friday night with Kyle and Angela

With Jared and Julie's daughter Tatum...

...and their other daughter Landry

Kate with Jared, Julie, Kyle and Angela

Jared and Kyle

After dinner, we met up with Travis, the groom-to-be

With my old friend John Rowe, at the wedding reception

With the groom

Kate posing on the dance floor, with the bride in the background

Dance floor action shot

A little bit louder now...

The wedding after-party - and yes, those are outdoor toilets

The bar is appropriately named the Doublewide

One last picture to end a great night and a great weekend

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