Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip to Chicago

I had to make a last minute trip to Chicago last week for a WNBA TV shoot.

Of course it is baseball season, so I had no other choice than to stay the weekend for a Cubs game and take in as much Wrigleyville as I could get my hands on.

We had a smooth shoot, saw all my good friends and the Cubs swept the Pirates - doesn't get much better than that...

the set of the WNBA shoot

Cheryl Ford - Karl Malone's daughter - on set

Sheldon Williams - Candace Parker's fiance - watching her in action

Candace Parker dunking on camera

Me and Candace

Friday Day Baseball - nothing better

The Closer

Me and Officer Dale

Cubs win...Cubs win...Cubs win!

Wish they would've played two

Our friend Jessie Baylin was in town playing a show at Schuba's

Me and Jessie

Me and Rhino after the show

Keith apparently really, really likes Shiner Bock

At Slugger's in Wrigleyville on Saturday

Batting cages in a bar - only in Chicago

The Bedford kids

Wondering what sort of transportation we should take after a day at the bar

A limo, of course...

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