Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weekend in Dallas

I was in Dallas last weekend for a tv and photo shoot with the Mavericks at the American Airlines Center, for my client the NBA. Being a Mavs fan, needless to say it was a cool experience. Got to meet Dirk, Josh Howard and Jason Kidd.

And before I left town, I got to see one of my groomsmen Kyle and his fiance Angela. And I had dinner with Jack and Suzanne at their house, where I finally got to meet their twin boys Jacob and Luke.

Would have been the perfect weekend, had the Aggies not gotten robbed in the tournament. Oh well...

Here are some pics of the shoot

At Kyle's apt in the Village


Holding Luke and Jacob, who was clearly thrilled to meet me...

Jack and Suzanne with the boys

Feeding Jacob, pretending to know what I am doing...

Ags upset of UCLA comes up just short, as we don't get the foul call on the last play. Safe to say the refs might have missed this one.

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